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INVESTMENT FRAUDS Carlo Uremovic and Wolfgang Tonges on behalf of the German firm AMBRA GmbH promised millions in investments and leaving them only frauds and debts!

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The story of international swindler Carlo Uremovic received a new dimension. As we have so far written about Uremovic deals for investing in projects of in city of Zadar, city marina in Zadar and in the project called “Doors of Zadar”, Uremovic on several sides planned and promised investments in a way that entrepreneurs in Croatia he assured and promised cooperation on foreign investment, while abroad he presented himself as a Croatian tycoon who wants to invest in a country where his victims lived. In the same way Uremovic cheated from Europe to the Middle East and all the way to Indonesia. Uremovic only “invest” empty and megalomaniacal promises that no one was indifferent, and most deceived the confidence he showed on the basis of documents and bank guarantees, all of which were all forgeries. On the end, it turned out that all the projects were only well prepared frauds and to this date not a single project was realized. Behind Uremovic and its domestic and foreign partners in the fraud remained only debts and the unreturned loans. At the Croatia Municipal Court in Zagreb, there have been the first judgment against Uremovic. Uremovic was a representative of the German company AMBRA GmbH and partner with Wolfgang Tönges and they both deceived many companys in Croatia.

Carlo Uremovic never worked alone. In every city in which he worked, he had his confidants, the person that mainly lived by his promises, waiting for millions in profits from fictitious projects that Uremovic presented to everyone. In Zadar Uremovic is represented by Marjan Miletic, otherwise known for its litigation with Reno Sinovcic about dubious debt of EUR 500,000. That was actually promised Sinovcic fee to Miletic because of fraud of a German company in which Miletic once served as director, for which that German company were raised and penalty applications, which we have already been writing about. Miletic is a director of the company DELTA VILICUS d.o.o. in Zadar, which is owned by Carlo Uremovic. That company account is blocked by the Tax Administration because of tax debt for years. Miletic was in Zadar in his name led the negotiations and represented the interests Uremovic about investments that never realized. Every conversation that led Miletic began with the sentence; “Money is not a problem!” On the end, it turned out that it was the big problem because Miletic and Uremovic never payed for ordered services and jobs, and they were only buying time by inventing new projects and scams. Uremovic was using non-functioning of state institutions and poverty in Croatia as ideal terrain for planting false stories about hundreds of millions of euros in investments. He used that story for cheating business partners for an amount of tens of thousands euros for life costs until next scam. Finally, Uremovic and partners will always accuse the state and corruption for their own frauds.

One of those million-unrealized projects was the project MBT plant for the production of electricity from municipal waste. Carlo Uremovic promised that together with its partner Hans Wolfgang Tönges and the company AMBRA GmbH from Germany, to invest in each county and bring to Croatia clean energy and solve the problem of waste and its disposal. Plans have been very popular and Tönges and Uremovic in 2007 founded the company under name FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. in Zagreb. Co-owner with Tönges and Uremovic was Sanja Korg. Main Board Member od company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. was Hans Wolfgang Tönges while Sanja Korg and Carlo Uremovic were only members of the board and representing the company jointly with the Chairman of the Board Tönges.

It suffices to mention that the same company is closed by the Commercial Court in Zagreb in 2012, because Tönges as CEO of company did not publish company financial reports three years to Tax officials and that is crime by Croatia law. It is evident that Uremovic and Tönges were established a fictitious company that has reported its financial statements only the first two years of operation. Real investments obviously were not planned. Company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. was only serving for frauds. According to the witnesses, it was the international crime business. We found out only that the company caused great financial damage to affiliated companies and subcontractors which has never covered the debt of custom duties. List of Companies is known to the editor

If we consider Uremovic international frauds business, it is not surprising history of third person, Sanja Korg in the administration of company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. It is interesting that the Sanja Korg was head of administration in company Kamenski in which she played a big role in large corruption scandal. Sanja Korg was eventually expelled from the administration of Kamenski company. Roman Krog, who has family ties with Sanja Korg, was a director of the company “ARS estate” which, together with eight other companies were in a suspicious business of trying to seize value property of Kamenski company. All these companies have been associated proprietary and tied them to the name of the controversial tycoon Miroslav Kutle. We’ll remind you that when Miroslav Kutle, in June 2009, was arrested on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina during his escape from the Croatian judiciary, in his car at the time of arrest was also Sanja Krog, board member with Uremovic and CEO of FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. Hans Wolfgang Tönges. What appears to be is that Tönges opened the company in partnership with the criminals and crooks which speaks volumes about him.

Court of law
In May 2015 under No. 41-P-7674 / 11-34, the Zagreb Municipal Court ruled against Carlo Uremovic in favor of Felix Brencinger who sued him for fraud and severe damage to the business, a few hundred thousand damage. Uremovic in the period from 2009 to August 2010, rented a luxury house ​​of 300 m2, which was intended for the reception of experts and subcontractors of German company AMBRA GmbH. Uremovic used house and after, in period of August 2010, escaped from the same home without having any contact with the owner and has not settled the contractual rental costs as well as director, which caused damage to the owner of 135,000 without interest. Uremovic falsely promised to the property owner that company AMGRA GmbH will buy the same facility for the needs of the AMBRA workers in Croatia and partners. As with all of his “projects”, Uremovic fled, and he left only debts and damage. Owner of company AMBRA GmbH and FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o., Hans Wolfgang Tönges, escaped to Germany and to all the events that took place in Croatia on behalf of his two companies he simply ignore.

Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb ruled in May 2013 under number P-7675 / 11-19 against Carlo Uremovic enforcement in the amount of 12,750 EUR plus default interest and the amount of 53,160 EUR plus default interest and litigation costs because it has lent the same money from Mr. Felix Brencinger for the business needs of company AMBRA GmbH. The same money Uremovic never returned, he escaped from the rented house, leaving only debts. Uremovic borrowed money on behalf of the German company AMBRA GmbH that was supposed to be a guarantee that the same money will be returned. Uremovic claimed that his money was needed to establish the beginning business of the company AMBRA GmbH in Croatia, as is the house from which he escaped rented for the needs of workers and specialists of the German company AMBRA GmbH. It is interesting that during the trial Uremovic never appeared in court or has sent his lawyer even though he was informed of the proceedings. We guess that he escaped from country also.

In December 2014 under number P-1814 / 2010-9, the Commercial Court in Rijeka, Croatia ruled in favor of the company ANĐELIKS d.o.o. which is owned by Mr. Felix Brencinger, and against the company DELTA INŽENJERING d.o.o., which at the time was co-owned by Carlo Uremovic and Milos Španjol. The Court ruled that the company DELTA INŽENJERING d.o.o. owes and must pay the debt with interest to the company ANĐELIKS d.o.o. It is important to note that the company DELTA INŽENJERING d.o.o. also represented the German company AMBRA GmbH and it has been listed on the official website of the company AMBRA GmbH as long as the business owner, Hans Wolfgang Tönges, he learned to explore their scams and debts in Croatia. On the other hand the official website of the company DELTA INŽENJERING d.o.o. “” still have company logo of AMBRA GmbH, and that company is still represents themselfs as a Croatian branch of the company AMBRA GmbH, although the owner and manager of AMBRA GmbH, Mr. Tönges, claims that they have no business and representative company in Croatia (?!?)

Carlo Uremovic Regional Director of AMBRA GmbH for Eastern Europe
Carlo Uremovic until February 2015, was Regional Director for Eastern Europe at the company AMBRA GmbH. It was stated on the official website of the company AMBRA GmbH which clearly underlines the name and picture of Carlo Uremovic and contact information. Uremovic was the name of the AMBRA company ordered jobs and services promising payment on delivery. Commissioned jobs was never paid, and the company was shut down by state because of illegal business. Most of the cheated partners and subcontractors Uremovic accepted as a serious business person because they believed that the German company AMBRA GmbH is reputable and legitimate company that stands behind its responsible persons set by the Directors and representatives. On the end it turned out that it was all a big hoax led by management of the company AMBRA GmbH with Hans Wolfgang Tönges as CEO.

Hans Wolfgang Tönges – Director and owner of the company AMBRA GmbH escaped from Croatia and avoids any responsibility
While we investigateing business of Carlo Uremovic in Croatia, in February of this year, we contacted the management of company AMBRA GmbH in Germany asking about Carlo Uremovic. Unfortunately, at that time we were not familiar with most of the details and fraud that Uremovic and Tönges were performing on Croatian territory as well as abroad, so we asked the management company AMBRA GmbH only about Uremovic and their connection with him.

We received e-mail with a short and concise answer from Hans Wolfgang Tönges personally. He confirmed that the company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. represents the name and business of the company AMBRA GmbH. He also state that he knows Carlo Uremovic. Furthermore Mr. Tönges writes that he broke up cooperation with Uremovic. He also states that AMBRA GmbH has no representative in Croatia. Tönges did not say when he performed the termination of this cooperation. Also, Mr. Tönges states that the company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. and we quote; “As far as I know, according to information of Uremovic, company is closed for years!”.

Mr. Tönges did not comment on the official website of the company AMBRA GmbH at the time were was Carlo Uremovic and Milos Španjol with his company DELTA INŽENJERING d.o.o. It is interesting that after the release the text of the frauds of Carlo Uremovic on portal, Uremovic and Španjol disappeared from the official site the company AMBRA GmbH, and is also interesting that Mr. Tönges assumed that the company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. closed although he was president of the company, and Uremovic and Korg were the only board members who represent the company jointly with the CEO. So basically, without Mr. Tönges they could not conduct any business decision! Mr. Tönges was a business owner and CEO of the same company, and as such it bears all the legal obligations and responsibilities. As CEO of the company was to be officially informed by the Commercial Court in Zagreb that the same company had not submitted any financial reports and because of that it is deleted from the register. Why they did not give the company financial reports? Whether it was a financial fraud or the management of the company that decided to deliberately avoided to give financial reports to the tax law. Company was deleted by the state. It is obvious that in this way Tönges as CEO of FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. knowingly defrauded their creditors with the help of Uremovic and Korg.

After all of the above as well as the fact that the name and image of Carlo Uremovic disappeared at the same time when we began to inquire about him, it is clear involvement of Tönges in Uremovic frauds and debts of firm FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. for which he himself is a confirmation that it was the legal representative of the German company AMBRA GmbH in Croatia. It is obvious that Tönges escaped from the financial and legal obligations in Croatian leaving the company in debt to management members, who without him as the president administration they could not make any business decisions. Because of that, court decided to delete company and end existence of it.

Uremovic and Tönges tricked and Bulgarian entrepreneurs
Carlo Uremovic and Hans Wolfgang Tönges took advantage of the good will by Marjan Wolf who wanted to help them. Mr. Marjan Wolf was president of the Community of Germans in Croatia three terms and he is during his presidency met Carlo Uremovic who falsely presented himself as a rich businessman from Germany. Uremovic offered cooperation with German companies in which Mr Wolf agreed because the statute of the German community and cost, among other things, that the task of the community is to bring together economic operators and to develop business cooperation of Croatian and German company.

At the time, Mr. Wolf was at the diplomatic mandate in Croatia embassy in Bulgaria and the Minister’s advisor for economic cooperation. Mr. Wolf was personally greeted and welcomed Carlo Uremovic and Hans Wolfgang Tönges. He wanted to help their companies FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. and AMBRA GmbH. He connected them also with rich Bulgarian businessmen. Owner and manager of the company AMBRA GmbH, Hans Wolfgang Tönges showed great interest in the cooperation between its German company AMBRA GmbH and its Croatian company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. with Bulgarian businessmen.

Mr. Wolf, after he met Carlo Uremovic and Hans Wolfgang Tönges with businessmen, no longer received any feedback and he was practically thrown out of the conversations while Uremovic and Tönges continue “negotiations” with Bulgarian businessmen. Mr. Wolf believed Uremovic and Tönges and he believed that he was denied information because of trade secrets and further did not wanted to interfere in their conversations. Mr. Wolf was only later learned that the Bulgarian businessmen was deceived when he was contacted by one of the Bulgarian businessmen, who informed him that they broke up business cooperation with Uremovic and Tönges and that they are just plain crooks! Furthermore, he informed him that the Uremovic borrowed greater amount of money from a Bulgarian businessman on behalf of the project of AMBRA GmbH. He later learned that this project does not exist and it was all a hoax.

Rich Bulgarian businessman (information known to the editors) contacted Mr. Wolf and warned him that Uremovic and Tönges are cheaters. Mr. Wolf then contacted other businesses in Croatia and abroad, where he learned that from most of them Uremovic borrowed larger amounts of money that he never returned, nor was ever answered the call again.

One of the deceived is also Bulgarian businessmen Mr. Dima Bratanov, owner of the company DYNAMIC RESOURCE Sofia. Mr. Bratanov contacted Mr. Wolf as a diplomat, and he complained that he had been several times in Zagreb in meetings and agreements on the project and that after all the effort, nothing is initiated by Uremovic. It also stated that it is Uremovic during the last meeting sought greater loan, which was led by Mr. Wolf in an unenviable position.

Uremovic was also contacted one of the Bulgarian entrepreneur who was interested in hotels in Croatia, and presented himself as the owner of the Bellevue Hotel in Opatija. Rich Bulgarian businessman flown in Croatia by private plane to call Uremovic with whom he went to see same hotel. Uremovic showed the facility only superficially from the outside and invited the Bulgarian businessman to sit on the terrace of the hotel. Uremovic claimed that he is the owner but that the state required a further 10 million euros, while the same amount was claimed by the Bulgarian entrepreneurs as a loan. Uremovic except the story did not submit any documents. Uremovic behavior was strange and Bulgarian businessman noticed that the waiter in hotel did not recognized Uremovic as an owner but is thought he is a tourist. When Bulgarian businessman realized that Uremovic is fraud, he fled the Croatian.

Among the Bulgarian entrepreneurs there was Mr. Prof. Dr. Marin Beloev from UAA Group Ltd. of which Uremovic also lent money by promising business in Croatia of building LNG terminal on island Krk onwards. Uremovic also requested the loan because of unplanned business expenses. Uremovic no longer answer calls of Mr. Beloev after having received loan from him.

Mr. Wolf said that according to his subsequent knowledge Carlo Uremovic is dangerous international fraud that needs to be stopped. Mr. Wolf was later also sued Uremovic and apply it to the national judicial authorities, together with other cheated business and private entities.

For the same reason, to our knowledge, there is preparing of a collective lawsuit and criminal charges against Uremovic, Miletic, Tönges and other contributors for organized fraud in business and international organized crime to the State Attorney and USKOK. We informed about everything German Embassy and Chamber of German Commerce. Also everything will be notified by the German Embassy in Croatia and Germany Chamber of Commerce, mainly due to the German company AMBRA GmbH and its owner and director Hans Wolfgang Tönges who took part in most of the frauds in Croatia.

Given the fact that most of the deceived people of German origin and that members of the German minority in Croatia, they decided to also address the German media because of the damage that they caused directly by Uremovic, Tönges and the company AMBRA GmbH in an attempt to collect own claims and hope that will stop them in further fraud.



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