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INVESTMENT FRAUDS Owner of the company AMBRA GmbH Wolfgang Tonges is deceiving Croatian legal institutions in the investigation of fraud for which he is personally responsible!

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For text of which was published on July 21 on entitled “INVESTMENT FRAUD Charles Uremović and Wolfgang Tönges on behalf of the German company AMBRA GmbH promised millions in investments and leaving them as frauds and debts!”, responded the owner of the company AMBRA GmbH, which was also the main responsible person in the company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. That company has been a representative company in Croatia of his main company AMBRA GmbH in Germany. Mr. Tönges addressed judicial institutions who stressed that he is willing to “help”. In his letter Tönges stated that article on ZADARdanas is untrue. Also, Mr. Tönges stated that he was willing to make criminal charges on Carlo Uremović for fraud in business, in which Tönges actually admitted that there was a frauds and that he was aware of it but he does not want to take any responsibility even though he was and still is the owner and CEO of both companies.

The way Wolfgang Tönges offered to help judicial investigative bodies in Croatia sounds like some tasteless Germany joke. Tönges, who is responsible and who committed the crime, now to the investigative bodies offers help in finding criminals but with condition that investigative bodies release him of all guilt or blame or that investigative bodies all crime switch is not another person, in this case to Carlo Uremovic. Tönges failed in this attempt to “help” or to mislead the judicial institutions. Tönges in its letter to State Attorney did not provide any argument or evidence that would free him from responsibility, but instead blames portal to present “untrue” as he said. According to the story of Mr. Tönges, portal ZADARdanas is to blame for his fraud and scams of his company AMBRA GmbH.

For all the scams that we wrote about in an article entitled “INVESTMENT FRAUD Carlo Uremović and Wolfgang Tönges on behalf of the German company AMBRA GmbH promised millions in investments and leaving them as frauds and debts!”, Tönges said he is not guilty and he is ready to lift criminal charges against Carlo Uremović. In this way Tönges admits he knows about frauds in Croatia exists and that he is aware of this but he does not want her to take responsibility even though he was the owner and CEO of all companies that were included. Tönges in his letter left out a whole series of facts in the hope that they will never be revealed to State Attorney.

Mr. Tönges forgot in its letter to the judicial institutions of state a lot of facts to illuminate the events for which he claims he is not guilty. One of these facts is that Carlo Uremović was representative and regional director of the company AMBRA GmbH in Eastern Europe. Uremović was also a Board Member of the company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. where Tönges was owner and CEO. In the same company Tönges authorized Carlo Uremović as a person authorized to represent company AMBRA GmbH. Uremović was thus entitled to represent FABER AMBRA group, the company AMBRA GmbH as well as the company representative in Croatia under the name FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o.

Tönges break cooperation with Uremović only when launched an investigation about Uremović and group FABER AMBRA. Name of Carlo Uremovic and image of Uremovic are missing from the list representative of the company AMBRA GmbH day after inquiries that have come from the portal ZADARdanas. Tönges then realized that things were for him and a group of FABER AMBRA went in the bad direction in Croatia, and he decided that a smart move is to distance himself from Uremović and deny cooperation with him. He stated that the company AMBRA GmbH in Croatia does not have a representative even though the web page of AMBRA were prominent Carlo Uremović and the company DELTA INŽENJERING d.o.o. Tönges later claims that cooperation with Uremović broke even in 2014. Tönges and partners apparently did not take into consideration that in Croatia people organized themselfs and they are gathering documentation and testimonies of witnesses to raise charges against the owner of the company AMBRA GmbH and the responsible person in the Croatian subsidiary FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. where Tönges personally was owner and CEO.

From a letter to Mr. Tönges whose quote recommend originally written in English, Tönges admits that Carlo Uremović is a partner of his German company AMBRA GmbH;

“You asked about a former business partner of Ambra GmbH, and you inquiry was about a real estate development.”

Furthermore, in the following quote Mr. Tönges clear to see that Charles Uremović was a partner in the company AMBRA GmbH until 2014, when allegedly Tönges broke cooperation which recognizes the responsibility of Tönges and AMBRA GmbH for everything Uremović ordered and worked on behalf of the same company until 2014. year;

“As a result, we terminated any collaboration. In 2014, we had already removed Mr. Uremovic and his company as a business partner and representative from our website, given there were no tangible business deals presented to us in the previous years.”

The company, which Tönges mentioned in the citation as “company of Uremović” in Croatia is the company DELTA INŽENJERING d.o.o.from Rijeka, Croatia. The same company was also listed as a representative in Croatia on the official website of the company AMBRA GmbH. As a director and owner of the company is listed Milos Španjol. Tönges and Uremović used the same company for the continuation of operations in Croatia and Tönges even placed that company on the official website of the company AMBRA GmbH after the company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. was deleted from the register due to crime and violation of the Croatian law. The same is clear that Tönges was well awared with the state company representative in Croatia, and that their criminal actions deliberate and irresponsible conduct of operations led to the deletion of the company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. for which he was legally responsible and thereby intentionally, causing damage to business creditors, which is by Croatian law, criminal act. Uremović continued doing business in Croatia through other companies without informing creditors about that. What’s worse, the same company was publicly advertised through the official web site of AMBRA GmbH as a representative for Croatia while Uremović all the time was a regional director.

Mr. Felix Brencinger from Zagreb, Croatia sued Carlo Uremović for more frauds on behalf of name FABER AMBRA Group. He also sued the company that continued business in Croatia, DELTA INŽENJERING d.o.o. All of the judgment was against Carlo Uremovic and Uremovic was convicted for all of them.

It is clear that the names of FABER AMBRA Group, AMBRA GmbH, FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o., Carlo Uremović and Wolfgang Tönges are always associated with a frauds, and for all there are written evidences, the verdicts and the witness statements.

Given all of the above, the same institutions that Mr. Tönges contacted, namely: USKOK, the Croatia State Attorney, the German Embassy and the German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we forwarded all the evidence and witness testimony based on which press was writing texts to remove all doubt and uncover frauds. Mr. Tönges did not answer any more, as be expected, after we presented all the evidence to investigative bodies.

It is obvious that Mr. Tönges hoped that news portal ZADARdanas had no evidence so he tried to mislead the institutions insidiously presenting himself as victim, and not as the person responsible for frauds in business in Croatia.

Tönges is unresponsive after all the evidence was revealed. That behavior can be easily interpreted in only one way, and that is that Mr. Tönges is very much aware of the frauds, which in the name of his company AMBRA GmbH, played out in Croatia. This confirms the deletion data of Carlo Uremović and the company DELTA INŽENJERING d.o.o. with the list of representatives at the official website of the company AMBRA GmbH immediately after press asked question about Uremović and frauds in Croatia. What other reason could be realistic for his immediate removal from the Web site in just one day if you are not familiar with embezzlement and fraud that your representative and partner is doing for you in Croatia.

On the other hand, Mr. Tönges has offered to come to Croatia and to raise criminal charges against Carlo Uremović before ZADARdanas submitted evidence and witness testimony to judicial institutions which proves that Tönges knew very well what was happening in Croatia, and as has already been decided that for all accused is Carlo Uremović fault, although claims that knows nothing! Why would Tönges come to Croatia and report criminal of Carlo Uremović if he is not versed in the affairs that took place in Croatia, as he claimed so far. Once again we remind that Tönges was president and owner of the company and that his ignorance does not absolve criminal liability.

All jobs that are ordered in Croatia, were for the company AMBRA GmbH and FABER AMBRA group in Germany while AMBRA Regional Director Carlo Uremović requested invoices to be billed to the company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. which was representer in Croatia. For that same company, Tönges deliberately did not submitted financial reports to Tax Authority for years, which is a economic crime offense in Croatia. Management of the company with Tönges as CEO knowingly deceived creditors, which is a criminal offense. The company management of Ambra GmbH knows very well who they were booked for services in the area of ​​Zadar County. They also know that same services was not payed. Uremović continued ordering services for the German headquarters AMBRA GmbH after the company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. was closed by force of law in Croatia by the Commercial Court because of economic crime offense. Nobody from the administration of company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. in Croatia as well as nobody from the management of Ambra GmbH in Germany did not inform its partners and creditors that the company has been deleted by law offense and that the business is transferred to another company, which is also offense but they instead were still ordered and used the services of the same creditor.

Wolfgang Tönges in his email even claimed that he does not know what happened to his company FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. and that he only has the information from Carlo Uremović that company is for some time closed. (?!)

Tönges, like any responsible person in the company, was informed that company is deleted because of economic crime offense and that it is removed from the register. On the other hand, as the owner and president of the company, he should control his own company and its operations as president of the company because he is legally liable. From all the facts it is clear that Tönges is lying because it is known that every person on the Internet can check the status of the company in the Croatia Court Register online. Wolfgang Tönges as CEO deliberately not taught financial statements and hence the punitive measure of the Commercial Court, which is the company’s deletion from the register, as appropriate Tönges used that to avoid paying creditors, as well as any costs that would follow in the case that company regularly declared bankruptcy. He did not inform creditors about deleting the company and transferring operations to another company. He continued with Uremović to cheat creditors and kept them in the delusion that the bills will be paid by the end of 2014, even though he knew that the company was deleted. This all is as pure deceit in business with intent.

Tönges with his actions damaged the companies and deliberately committed a great business damage, and in his recent correspondence to institutions he played the victim and trying to intimidate real victims with threats that he will sue them because they were due primarily addressed the media and judicial institutions also(?!) Tönges again deny the facts and information that were published in press which clearly states that damaged people and company from Croatia are to raise criminal charges for fraud against him as owner and CEO and other members of management in AMBRA GmbH and FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o.

It is also important to note that all of the frauds that Uremović is already convicted took place in the period from 2010 to 2014, while all the scams were carried out precisely in the name of the group FABER AMBRA and german company AMBRA GmbH. Defraud company agreed on business cooperation with the representative FABER AMBRA Group in Croatia. Name FABER AMBRA was guarantee of the safety of the payment collection but quite the opposite happened. It turned out that behind that name is just a big scam! The company AMBRA GmbH and its subsidiary FABER TEHNOLOGIJA d.o.o. in Croatia so far not implemented a single project even though the meetings they presented plans and millions of Euros in investments that are prepared, they left behind only frauds and debts.

On email of redaction of news portal have arrived threats and continuous attempts of intimidation, with the aim that the articles of Tönges, Uremović and company AMBRA GmbH scams to be removed from the news portal, which is only an indicator what profile of people are they. It is obvious that Tönges, after a failed bluff with judicial institutions and threats to sue the editorial board of the portal, resorted to an attempt of intimidation in hopes that same text will be removed.



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